About Erbil

Temple of the Sun – Erbil

One of the world’s oldest continually settled towns continuously inhabited for about 8000 years by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Sasanians, Arabs and Ottomans.

Being the fourth largest city & historic town of Mesopotamia, Erbil became a major trading centre on the route between Baghdad and Mosul and still plays a role today with significant road links to the outside world.

In terms of population, the commercial, agricultural, and administrative center Erbil is a mixture of christians and sunni muslim kurds. With abundant rainfall and a relatively mild climate, agriculture is a primary economic activity in the region. Erbil has over 300 poultry farms and produces approximately 36,000 tons of fresh chicken meat per year and a commensurately large number of eggs. Erbil also produces large crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons. In addition, large commercial herds of sheep, goats and cattle are found in the province.

In comparison to the area of the green line (no fly zone), the security situation in the kurdish area is very safe. Particularly, in case of a specific mission or business, local people are welcoming all visitors who are investing money or bringing technology to the area.

The optimistic Kurdish capital, is today a modern city, perhaps even the most modern in Iraq and serving as the northern gateway to the country and offering all the advantages that matter in the era of globalization. As Erbil evolves, businessmen from the Arab world, Europe as well as Eastern Asia, professionals, officials and decision-makers must be able to meet in one place to discuss key developments, strategies, technologies and investment opportunities in a variety of sectors.


Everybody is free to go out without any obstacles; and if any incident occurs, expert security staff is employed and they reach any place in the city within minutes. In each hotel, security guards check in all guests and visitors for their own security as well. Crime rate is lower than many cities in Europe because of these measures.

Public Transport

Public transportation is available in the form of taxis and some bus routes yet, at this point, if you don’t have clue of your way around or have a guide with local knowledge it is not advised to try it alone. Chances are if you are coming to Erbil you will have your trip pre-arranged with an agency at this point in time.

Erbil International Airport

Erbil has an international airport, with over 75 weekly direct flights from Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai, Amman, and Istanbul. There is considerable traffic of professionals, government associates especially since 2007, thanks to these safety measures.

You may also have additional information about the city from your country’s embassy.

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