City of Erbil (also known as Arbil or Irbil) is often chosen as a landing location for foreign government officials and business associates. It is the most secure place in Iraq along with central part of Baghdad.

Since the overthrown of Saddam Hussein, only isolated, sporadic violence has hit Erbil, unlike many other areas of Iraq. Parallel bomb attacks against the Eid celebrations killed 109 people on 1 February, 2004. Since 2003 not a single coalition soldier has died nor a single foreigner been kidnapped in the north region. Erbil differs completely when compared to what is currently taking place in other regions of Iraq, mostly due to strict security measures that were implemented to keep Erbil safe from car bombs and infiltrators.

Measures include building a tunnel to segregate the border between Erbil and the turbulent Mosul and Kirkuk provinces, as well as setting up surveillance barricades along this tunnel. There are numerous layers of security measures with walls, road tunnels and check points to avoid any outside penetrations.

Erbil has an international airport, with over 75 weekly direct flights from Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai, Amman, and Istanbul. There is considerable traffic of professionals, government associates especially since 2007, thanks to these safety measures.

In each hotel, security guards check in all guests and visitors for their own security.

Everybody is free to go out without any obstacles; and if any incident occurs, expert security staff is planted and they reach any place in the city within minutes. Crime rate is lower than many cities in Europe because of these measures.

You may also have additional information about the city from your country’s embassy.

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